Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's that time of year again... when spring slowly starts to fade into summer, and the end of the school year nears. Amidst final exams, college decisions and graduation, the high school Senior will have to complete one more daunting task: finding a prom date.

If you're extremely popular and have drop-dead gorgeous looks, the hardest part will be choosing from amongst the many offers you've received. Everyone else will be scurrying to find the perfect match before all the good ones are already taken... My advice: go with someone you will feel comfortable around. So what if there's that Junior chick that you've been dying to get with all year? The awkwardness of you two having dinner together or doing the waltz for three hours most likely won't be worth the pretty picture of you two hanging on the kitchen refrigerator.

Once you've found the perfect escort, round up all of your courage and creativity. Yes, you've heard me right: thinking of a funky way to ask out your chosen one will, in the case of a rejection, at least leave you with a fun memory. Scientific studies have furthermore proven that the likeliness of a rejection decreases exponentially as the creativity of your invitation increases.

Hmm, sure! So that last bit might have been bogus, but I can only recommend an out-of-the-ordinary prom invite. Check this video to see how I asked out my date:

Ps. In case you were wondering - he said yes ;)