Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009: totally gone GAGA?

Due to the plethora of "2009 in review"-posts that are currently circulating the blogosphere, I decided to cut it short on words for this one and let the images speak for themselves when addressing something that - by all means - couldn't be ignored in 2009: newcomer Lady Gaga and her wardrobe.

Apart from the singer's musical success and the constant rumors regarding her sexuality, Lady Gaga's bold and sometimes bizarre fashion sense repeatedly landed her in the headlines of international media. While many critics proclaimed her to be tasteless and even colleagues may have shaken their heads in disbelief, international designers such as Roberto Verino or Prada listed the young blonde as a big inspiration for their newest designs.

Noticeable about Lady Gaga's choice in wardrobe (apart from the amount of skin revealed) is definitely her predilection for

big shoulders à la Balmain

and the Thierry-inspired 'origami' dresses.

Alongside the tremendous amount of extraordinary dresses (most of which she claims to design and sew on her own), Lady Gaga seems to also own innumerable pairs of oversized sunglasses.
Whether we like it or not: 2009 would not have been the same without Lady Gaga. Who knows, maybe we can expect a whole decade of Gaga-ism?

Ps. Just to be fair - some of Lady Gaga's biggest fashion blunders: