Tuesday, October 27, 2009

in retrospect: rave for the environment

I didn't go to the parade to take great photography or shoot award-winning film material. I participated because climate change is a very important issue to me, because I think taking action is always better than simply discussing a matter and its pressing importance. I took part because it sounded like a great idea to spend the day dancing through Berlin with my friends and 350 other people.

Therefore, don't get your guns out when you watch my cinematic snippets of the event.

I was temporarily traumatized after handing back my headphones and finding myself without the tunes of Dirty Doering, which explains why my imbecile self conducted the interview with Peter Esser in German, rather than in English (as I had originally planned). Apologies go out to anyone not understanding a word of what he's saying.

Enough with the rambling ... enjoy!