Thursday, October 22, 2009

make a change - have a party!

These days, raising awareness works best when firm conviction for your cause is paired with creativity and some kind of appeal for pop culture... On Ocotber 24th, people all over the world will come together and protest against the sky-rocketing amounts of CO2-emissions global industries are still producing. Here in Berlin, the protest will take place in form of a Silent Climate Parade.

The concept is simple: 350 people may pre-register online for a limited amount of headphones. These will be distributed at Potsdamer Platz (in front of the Ritz) at 14:ooh on Saturday. Come 15:ooh, the legendary Dr. Motte (Love Parade, anyone?) and DJ Dirty Doering (Bar25) will feed these babies with finest electro beats - and you will start dancing! All participants will follow an eco-powered vehicle from Potsdamer Platz all the way to Alexanderplatz. For the exact route, click here. Nobody except those wearing the headphones will be able to hear a thing, so curious and confused looks from passersbys and tourists should be expected!

Here's your chance to engage in a good cause and have tons of fun while you're at it. The 350 haven't been reached yet, so registrations are still welcome on the official website.

See you on Saturday!! ;)