Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Yes, it's that time of year again. Those of us who don't spend 99% of their time procrastinating and trying to avoid the inevitable will already have an assortment of neatly wrapped gifts and matching christmas cards stored away in the back of their closet. Everyone else - it's crunch time!

In case you're not only in dire need of wrapped pleasantries for the family, but also lacking creativity to come up with ideas for these, La Berlina is here to save the day. Trust me, I know what it's like to suffer under the annual 'socks & underwear' set that mothers love to give.

See below for an assortment of unique gift ideas that will make your brother's self-made carwash coupon seem extremely unoriginal... (Undoubtly the biggest advantage is that all items can be ordered online and shipped internationally = you won't have to leave the house at all!). Click on the images to enlarge them.

1. The Bubble Calendar: a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day ($20.10)
What do your little sister, Aunt Marge and Grandfather Larry have in common? There's a child deep down inside all of them! So chances are, they will still love popping the bubble-wrap more than what is actually wrapped in it. Why not treat them to the truly one-of-a-kind 2010 Bubble Wrap Calendar? You can order it from the folks at bubblecalendar.com, who will ship it to you for free! (International shipping is free for orders of 2+ calendars).

2. Miniature Chairs Jewellery Stand (€53.00)
Away with dusty cases full of tangled-up necklaces! This cast iron mini-sculpture will display all of your mother's jewellery in a visually pleasing fashion. Available via Urban Outfitters Online Shop

3. 'Math Sucks' Tshirt by Wildfox (€80.00)
Supposedly there's people out there who actually enjoy battling fractions, algorithms and puzzling equations. I'm not one of them, and maybe your cousin Trudy isn't, either? In that case, she'd probably love this tshirt. Just remind her not to wear it to her next calculus quiz. La Berlina assumes no liability for failed exams due to agitated teachers. Order online

4. Fridge Magnets 'Ransom style' (€14.00)
Ever looked into the fridge and realized that your little brother secretly ate your vanilla yoghurt - again?! By giving him this set of fridge magnets, you will be able to write anonymous notes on the refridgerator door, threatening to devour his peanut butter snacks should he commit such a felony again. Yeah, it's more a present to yourself than to him but, hey, who said that's a bad thing? Via Urban Outfitters Online Shop

5. Undercover Laptop Sleeve (€33)
Disguised as a worn, oversized envelope, this laptop sleeve will ensure that nobody steals your older sister's brand-new macbook. The case is padded for protection on the inside and sports a velcro closure. Buy now

6. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (€27)
Does your dad take great pleasure in bragging about what a music expert he really is? If yes, you're not alone. Do him a favour and surprise him with this 960-page collection of album reviews from over 5 decades. He'll be able to boast about having listened to at least half of these records already, and educate the rest of the family on the milestones of music industry history. Make sure to take this away from him again at one point or he won't stop rambling about how great Woodstock was... Published by Universe and sold via Urban Outfitters Online Shop.

7. Rock 'n' Roll Pen (€13)
Who said your dad was the only one with a good taste in music? Give your boyfriend this electric guitar-style ballpoint pen and he will declare his undying love for you. Also available in saxophone- and keyboard shapes.

[In case you didn't notice yet, Urban Outfitters is THE place to look for novelties and out-of-the-ordinary present ideas!]