Wednesday, December 2, 2009

London.2 - inSpiral @ Camden Lock

Clearly a magnet for tourists and locals alike, Camden (one of London's 32 boroughs) can't be fully discovered in merely one or two hours. Along Camden High Street and around Camden Lock, you will come across a plethora of little shops and market stalls, offering everything from scented candles to black leather plateau boots to fresh fruits and vintage records. Chances are you'll find funky gifts for everyone, grandparents and flatmates alike, if you just take the time to browse a little.

When entering Camden Lock, your eyes and tastebuds will most likely be overwhelmed by the variety of foods and beverages offered at the little stalls lining the alleyways.

No insider's tip but certainly a highlight of the area is the café/bar/shop/lounge inSpiral. Situated on 250 Camden High Street right across from Camden Lock, this venue is unique in its concept and implementation thereof.

"inSpiral combines personal and planetary health with creative media to achieve positive conscious change in a fun way for all!"

Apart from offering a great array of vegetarian and vegan dishes (ever tried hemp millet fricadels or vegan tiramisu cake?), inSpiral hosts parties and events every weekend... Why not pop by the Social Sunday Open Mic session and have a couple of organic beers while you're at it?

If you're still not convinced that is place is a must-see, take into consideration that this is one of the few locations in central London that allows you to have an amazing time while simultaneously benefiting your local community and our planet earth. Idealistic? No way. 100% of the electricity consumed at inSpiral comes from renewable engery sources. All packaging is either biodegrable, recycled or otherwise ecofriendly. None of the staff members own a car - most of them cycle to work!

Captivated by the concept and low-spirited because you live nowhere near London? Do not despair. The brand-new inSpiral website not only features an online shop and radio station, but also offers its advice on how to be ecofriendly and posts news and updates via the inSpiral blog.