Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Christmas (I listened to bad music all the time)

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends said, "I just heard 'Last Christmas' on the radio... that means it's officially holiday season!" I thought about what she said for a while, and gradually, my initial reluctance made way for accepted defeat. No wonder we're exposed to the same old song every year if there's no good alternatives around... right?

Wrong. There are plenty of contemporary artists that can take on Mariah Carey and WHAM any day. Throughout the past years, I've been compiling some of my personal favourites and burning CDs with them for my friends. At the top of the list is Ron Sexsmith's "Maybe This Christmas" - I've been hooked ever since this song came up on The O.C. a couple of years ago. If you're wondering why Lady Gaga made the cut, just listen to the song... it's hilarious. (although you should wait until your relatives have had plenty of eggnog before you start playing this!)

Who knows, one day our combined efforts may succeed in banning "Last Christmas" from TV & radio stations for good ;)