Saturday, December 5, 2009

London.3 - no cinderella story

Sometimes, life is unfair and we can't do anything about it. Plain and simple.

I had to learn this lesson the past weekend while shopping in London with my friends. Apart from literally scrutinizing every single article of clothing in one of the many vintage shops, we came across a tiny shoe store on Camden High Road that sells low-priced imitations of popular designer pieces. Shoe heaven, so to speak. I was enraptured until I realized that they only carried sizes 36 - 39 (EU). Too bad I'm a size 40 and the shoes tended to run small. Subsequently, I had to sit and watch while my good friend Muriel treated herself to these gems.

Perfectly suited for dancing the night away in one of Berlin's many underground clubs (and not freezing to death on the way back home in the early morning hours), these £30 dark brown faux leather boots would have been the perfect addition to my ever-growing shoe collection. Looks like I'll have to wait and hope for a miracle...